bands loop,resistance bands,resistance band,pull up bands,resistance bands set,resistance band
bands loop,resistance bands,resistance band,pull up bands,resistance bands set,resistance band
bands loop
bands loop
Mini fabric bands loop set,bands loop
bands loop,resistance bands,resistance band,yoga strap,pull up bands,resistance bands set,resistance band

Wholesale resistance bands fabric loop bands

Model NO.:Mini FMLB
US $1.00-US $7.00
  • Delivery:EXW,FOB,CNF,DDU,DDP
  • Minimum order quantity:100 pieces
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces / Day
  • Country of Origin:Shanghai
  • Stock Time:20 Days
  • Categories: Resistance bands

    5 packwholesale resistance bands

    wholesale resistance bands


    Custom Set Of 5 wholesale resistance Bands Fabric Booty Resistance Bands


    Polyester, Latex silk


    32*5cm fabric resistance bands


    Yellow,Red,Green,Blue,Black(A set of 5 color)


    Mesh Bag/Customized whoelsale resistance bands


    Fabric logo /rubber logo or sewed logo


    With just one set of our exercise bands loop, you can do variety fabric resistance bands exercises including: CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga,and Beach Bodyworkouts. To achieve perfect body figure, weight loss, muscle endurance and strength goals

    This wholesale resistance bands set include 5 different resistance level hip band
    which include :

    X- LIGHT  bands loop 5-10lb
    LIGHT       bands loop 10-15lb
    MEDIUM  bands loop  15-20lb
    HEAVY      bands loop  20-25lb
    X- HEAVY bands loop  25-30lb

    And the color is pink resistance bands series and red series
    you can see from the pictures ,the mini booty bands color change
    from light pink to deep pink bands  and then become red.

    The  wholesale resistance bands set size is 12 inch * 2 inch which is similar as
    latex material loop band set .

    Difference between latex bands loop
    andfabric wholesale resistance bands

    Firstly the fabric booty bands is anti-slip resistance bands,which
    means the booty bands no-slip function is better ,so during resistance
    bands exercise ,the fabric bands loop 5 pack is more safe to use .

    But as for price ,the latex bands set is cheaper , latex gymnasticsfabric
    resistance bands loop raw materials is cheaper than fabric material so
    if just considered price ,latex will be cheaper.

    But if for fabric wholesale resistance bands workout ,both latex and booty
    fabric resistance bands are good choice ,since the set fitness fabric resistance
    bands strength is adjustable and both have 5 different resistance levels.

    And if you want heavy duty fabric resistance bands ,you can also add 2 bands
    to use together 

    How to package whoelsale resistance bands for sale ?

    12 inch long wholesale resistance  bands workout booty bands is a 5 pack

    fabric booty bands set – one set include 5 pcs fabric booty bands with different

    resistance levels into meshbag or carrybag or color box .

    We can
    add any customized logo on our wholesale resistance bands ,as for

    color ,our regular color is yellow red blue green black booty bands

    but if customer need customized colors also ok we can do it ,as

    for package our wholesale resistance bands is meshbag ,carrybag or color box

    below is some resistance booty bands logo ,color ,package details.

    Hot selling wholesale resistance  bands mini set :

    wholesale resistance bandswholesale resistance bandswholesale resistance bands

    What can wholes resistance bands factory do ?

    Produce safe wholesale resistance  bands in bulk

    wholesale resistance bands
    wholesale resistance bands

    ProvideHigh quality fabric wholesale resistance bands and good service:

    Firstly : Our wholesale resistance bands loop are lightweight and easily portable.
    You can carry it anywhere to do fabric resistance bands workout .

    Secondly :Our exercise bands loop are seamed with high quality cotton
    stretch fabric and built in elastic nature latex inner and material

    Thirdly :We can arrange door to door wholesale resistance bands bulk shipping to
    Europe ,USA ,Australia 
    differentcountries .

    If customer received and have quality problem ,we will provide
    free wholesale resistance bands bulk  
    replacement in future .

    • Place of Origin:China
    • Brand Name:OEM
    • Model Number:RB6

    Non-Slip Booty Workout Bands for Legs & Butt,
    5 Levels Fitness Training Bands for Strength and
    Physical Therapy.

    Can use for CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates,
    Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts.

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