author: Eva Xie
  • 2022-05-26

This yoga wheel set include below items :

1 x yoga wheel
1x eva yoga block

1x yoga strap

yoga wheel

All three products with private label into one brown box as a set –we can call it 3 in 1 yoga wheel set .

This yoga wheel is tpe foam +abs tube material ,the yoga wheel is very durable ,the abs tube weight

limitation is over 400kg ,we have test video ,pls click here to check .

Eva foam yoga block size is 3 x 6 x 9 inch and logo is screen printing logo on it we can call it private
label yoga block.

Yoga strap is cotton material and size  is 3.8cm*1.8m/2m ,black color ,we can also add your logo
on our yoga straps and make it private label yoga strap.

This yoga wheel set is shipped to US and sell on US Amazon ,the reason why we suggest customer
order the 3 in 1 set is for shipping cost reduction and can also add value if we sell the yoga wheel
as a set compare with yoga wheel only.

Since the yoga wheel is big ,if just ship yoga wheel and yoga block /yoga strap inside the yoga wheel
the dimension/size of shipment is the same ,so shipping cost of the
yoga wheel is the same .

So we suggest customer add the foam yoga block and cotton yoga strap inside the yoga wheel to add value .

Below is the bulk order of yoga wheel for your ref. if you have interest in private label fitness products pls feel
free to
contact me to talk more details .

This yoga wheel set we can also called in 3 in 1
yoga wheel set sincei t include three different items-durable yoga
wheel +eva yoga block + black yoga strap as a set into a brown box ,for the yoga wheel set ,brown box is a must

Since tpe yoga wheel set is foam surface ,easy to be get damaged during shipping so add the brown box can help
to protect the tpe yoga wheel set .

Besides ,if you need customized color box to protect the yoga wheel set or add a customized carrybag or mesgbag 
to hold the yoga wheel set ,also ok for us ,we can also produce private label yoga wheel carrybag or meshbag .

yoga wheel yoga wheel yoga wheel yoga wheel

We China Happy Fitness have many different styles of yoga wheels include tpe yoga wheels ,cork yoga
wheels as well as the eva yoga  wheels ,if you have something interesting on yoga wheel set which include
yoga wheel and yoga block ,yoga strap etc yoga wheel set or just yoga wheel only ,pls feel free to contact
me so we can talk more details together ,we can also provide private label yoga wheels bulk order service.

BTW ,we also produce yoga mats ,chin up bar ,resistance bands ,ab roller ,jump rope etc different styles of
fitness products and can provide free sample for customers for evaluation if they have interest .

Welcome to contact us so we can talk more details together .


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