• 2022-05-27

This news introduce us a perfect yoga mat cheap set 8 in 1 yoga set

So let us introduce them one by one and also update its advantage and disadvantage which we need to pay attention when we use them .

1 : NBR yoga mats

NBR yoga mats are thickest mat compare most other styles of yoga mat cheap  and nbr yoga mats also very light and soft ,the video nbr yoga mats’ size is 183cm*61cm*1.3cm thick (72x24x0.5inch) which is normal size.

Nbr yoga mats generally speaking thickness can be from 0.8cm to 2.5cm and the length normal is 173cm or 183cm and of course if want larger also ok .

The advantage of nbr yoga mats is that nbr mat is very soft to use ,so from some people who just a yoga starter /beginner ,nbr yoga mat maybe a good choice .

Soft comfortable and easy to carryout is the best advantage of the nbr yoga mats ,easy strapping system and lightweight feature allows less time and effort to roll and carry with you wherever you want to go.

But the disadvantage of the nbr yoga mat is that it is easy broken ,just as what updated before ,nbr yoga mat is very soft ,as we know when we use soft thing ,sometimes it will be easy damaged and have the trace.

So when we use it ,pls pay attention to not use hard things to press it such as fingernail not so long and also not put heavy things on it when we use it ,you can also see from the video the nbr yoga mat also have a press trace .

But actually we just buy them around 6 weeks ,so if you want durable and long used
yoga mat cheap ,maybe nbr mat not first choice ,we will introduce you other different styles of durable yoga mats later .

Below is what we found good seller yoga mat cheap on Amazon for your ref.

Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap

2: Foam yoga block

As we know ,eva yoga block is a very basic and necessary yoga accessories when we do yoga exercises ,the yoga block on the video is 3x6x9 inch , and normal size of yoga block is 3x6x9 inch or 4x6x9 inch ,we can choose them as per our requirement .

The eva yoga block advantage is that it is soft and easy to carryout ,so you can use anywhere you want ,Eva Brick Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice , These lightweight and supportive yoga foam blocks are constructed of a durable foam with a non slip surface .

And compare with cork yoga block ,the eva yoga brick is that it will also be easy damaged ,just as we know it is foam material so also easy to have press trace if our fingernail press on it during exercises.

3 :Yoga wheel

The yoga wheel in the video is tpe yoga wheel with abs tube ,current Chinese market the yoga wheel have many different materials such as cork yoga wheel ,tpe yoga wheel as well as eva yoga wheel, we already introduce the difference here ,you can check .

The video tpe yoga wheels advantages are a lot :

Firstly : Back Pain Relief ,tpe yoga wheel is the BEST back opener & stretcher ,so fit for people who suffer from chronic back pain. Use yoga wheel can thelp relieve myofascial pain and muscle tension.

Secondly :Strong and durable to use ,we indeed do a weight limitation of the yoga wheel tube below ,pls have a look ,it can bear +418kg ,so we think this can prove the yoga wheel is safe to sue and durable enough ,yoga wheel is also a important accessory from yoga mat cheap 

Yoga mat

Thirdly : comfortable to use ,this yoga wheel foam pad is thick enough so when we do exercise on it will be very comfortable .

And until now seldom feedback tpe yoga wheel has too disadvantages ,if must say ,maybe some people not sure how to use and balance training on it sometimes not so easy so if you buy the yoga wheels ,video or manual maybe a must .

Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap

4: Mini yoga ball

This mini yoga ball is 25cm diameter ,mini yoga ball normally have 20cm diameter and also 25cm diameter(around 9inch) and weight will be around 120g to 160g .

The small exercise ball material is eco-friendly pvc material and production method is rotation by machines, below is how big and small exercise balls be produced ,here you can have a look .

Small pilates balls have many benefits and advantages:

Used widely-The small pilates ball is excellent for workouts and physical therapy, like squeezing between the knees exercise, yoga and stretching, barre exercises, leg work, hand flexibility

Easy carryout -mini stability ball is only about 5.6 inch when folded. We also offer a waterproof bag for convenient carry.

And also the mini yoga balls no much point to pay attention , only thing is that some yoga exercise such as back bend etc maybe need use big yoga balls ,small pilates ball maybe not help since it is small and if you want inflate easily when you buy it ,pay attention whether the mini exercise ball has pump or just inflate tube ,since pump will inflate easily and quickly.

5:Yoga strap

This is a normal cotton materials yoga strap which is a must for all yoga exercise, the size of the yoga strap is 3.8cm wide/diameter *6 ,8 or 10 feet long ,the video shoulder yoga strap is 183*3.8cm which is most popular size .This yoga strap have more than 50 different stock regular colors for you to choose in Chinese market include the camo color or the single color styles.

It is washable and can help us to Sustain poses for longer periods of time as well as big help for stretch exercises.

6: Foam roller

The video showed foam roller is a hollow foam roller and its material is eva thick foam + ABS tube ,the tube is very durable which can bear +200kg, pls see below test report .
Yoga mat cheap

The size of the eva foam roller is 33cm*14cm ,and the trigger point foam roller also have many benefits such as deep Tissue Massager, lower back injury , sciatica , or plantar fasciitis as well as treat muscle pain , increase performance and flexibility ,it is great for the arch of the foot , and any part of the superior body but the spine or neck .

This style foam roller can also combine with massage balls ,massage sticks as well as other fitness accessories as a foam roller set ,below is the best seller in Amazon for your ref. their foam roller review and quality is good .

Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap

7:Yoga towel

The video yoga towel is yoga mat towel with silicon dots with size 183*61cm which is same size with nbr yoga mats ,the benefits of the silicon dots is it can anti-slip as well as the dots are very soft so can also be used as massage when we do yoga exercises , besides Silicon gel dots for improved comfort during your workout. silicon gel dots that improve and relieve body dullness while you exercise.

As we know ,yoga towel is a good partner of yoga mats and this style yoga towel is one of the
best yoga towel you can consider ,but the disadvantage of the yoga towel is compare with normal yoga towel ,maybe it is a little expensive since it has the silicon dots on the surface.

Below is the yoga towel that quality is good on amazon ,hope it can help

Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap

8: Pedal resistance bands

This pedal resistance band with handle has 4 tubes, the 4 tube is latex material and foam part is made of NBR, which is healthy to body. 4pcs pull ropes ,the pedal resistance bands can help to strengthen your shoulders, arms, legs, butt, abs and back and also very easy to carry and use anywhere you need ,very conveniently.

Below is also what we found have good review sellers of pedal resistance bands ,hope it can help.

Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap Yoga mat cheap

Welcome to subsribe us to talk more details on different styles of fitness products together


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