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What products are included in this set:

1) A double-wheeled abdominal wheel
2) A resistance tube
3) A jump rope
4) A
hand gripper
5) A pair of push up bars

Introduction guide:
1:Products details

✅The AB wheel:

1) Benefits of abs wheel workout
2)Precautions for the use of the abdominal wheel:

✅ The resistance tube :

1) What is the benefits of the resistance tube
2) What to pay attention to when do resistance tube exercising

✅ The jump rope:

1)What is the benefits of the jump rope

✅ The Push up bar

1) Features of the push-up bar:
2) The correct way to use the push-up bar:

✅ The hand grip :

1) The function of the gripper
2)Precautions for the use of grips

2:Can I print my own logo on these products
3:What is the process for buying products in bulk
4:What Happy Fitness can do for you:
5:Similar styles of each product in this Ab wheel set
6:Amazon hot selling AB wheel set


Part 1:Products details:

The ab wheel :

The abdominal wheel is a small pusher that can exercise muscles, joints, and lose weight. Simple design, beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, easy to use, used to exercise all kinds of fat on the abdomen, waist and legs, arms. Convenient for home use.

During the use of the abdominal wheel, it can effectively exercise the muscles of the abdomen, waist and buttocks, etc., and can play a certain role in burning the fat on the belly. While tightening the muscles, it helps to reduce the belly.

 Benefits of abs wheel workout

The site equipment requirements are low, one wheel, one small pad, and a very small space can exercise.

 Whole body weight loss, the abdominal fitness wheel can exercise the whole body, mainly exercise the abdomen, forearms, shoulders, calves, and it is used to change the body shape and has a good weight loss effect.

Exercise the abdominal muscles and use the abdominal wheel for a long time. The skills can help professional trainers to practice abdominal muscles, and can also help us ordinary people lose their stomachs.

 It can be matched with various fitness methods. Not only can you train alone, but you can also exercise with a variety of fitness methods. With the abdominal wheel, you can perform kneeling, standing, yoga, back, and light-intensity training.
 The site equipment requirements are low, one wheel, one small pad, and a very small space can exercise.

Precautions for the use of the abdominal wheel:

Seemingly simple fitness equipment, in fact, it has relatively high requirements on people's strength, and the intensity of exercise is relatively large. If you have not learned how to use the abdominal wheel, if the posture of the first use is incorrect, it is easy to cause damage to the waist. Injuries, causing lumbar muscle strain and other problems. For beginners, once they choose the abdominal wheel, it is best to have a professional instructor beside them to inform the correct use method, and then practice step by step in a step-by-step manner to reduce physical damage.


How to use the abdominal wheel training:

There are two ways to use the abdominal wheel: standing on the ground and kneeling on the ground.
The standing method is to stand with the body in a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart, grab the handle of the abdominal wheel with both hands, push the ground with both feet, bend over and push the abdominal wheel naturally forward until it is parallel to the ground. , try not to let the knees touch the ground, the whole body is like doing a plank, stay for a few seconds and then slowly recover the abdominal wheel, this process requires very high strength

The kneeling method is easier than the standing method. The body is in a kneeling position, with both knees on the ground. When exhaling, the body can start to push the abdominal wheel forward, and the body slowly descends until it is equal to the ground. It can stay for a few seconds. At this time, the strength of the whole body is basically controlling the body to avoid falling, and it starts to recover after about a few seconds, returning to the initial state.


2)The resistance tube :

Resistance tube exercise can help to exercise arm strength and make the arms stronger. At the same time, it can also improve the chest muscles and lung capacity, which can enhance the physique and physical resistance. It can also help shape the leg lines and help lose weight.

The resistance tube helps exercise muscles and increases muscle strength through the gravity when pulling, and the resistance tube is easy to carry and simple to operate, and can help to perform exercises such as flexibility, stretching, anytime and anywhere. And the use of resistance tube can exercise almost all muscles in the body, such as triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, leg muscles, etc.,

What is the benefits of the resistance tube

 ✔  Exercise arm strength

Using the resistance tube exercise can well exercise the arm strength and make the arms stronger, so that it is easier and more convenient to lift heavy objects in daily life.

✔Increase muscle strength

Because the resistance tube exercise can exercise the muscles of most parts of the body, it is better to enhance the muscle strength. For example, bodybuilders who want to exercise pectoral, and other muscles can choose to use resistance tube to exercise.

✔Enhance cardiopulmonary function

The use of resistance tube can exercise the chest muscles to drink lung capacity. Regular resistance tube exercises can enhance lung capacity and help enhance cardiopulmonary function; it can also help strengthen the body's resistance and enhance physical fitness.


resistance tube can help the legs to shape beautiful lines when they are used to exercise the legs. Moreover, when you exercise with a resistance tube, it can help to burn calories and burn excess body fat while tightening the muscles of the body, thereby helping to lose weight.


What to pay attention to when do resistance tube exercising

✅ Keep exercising

The effect of  resistance tube  exercise can not be seen in a while, but it takes a long time to exercise to see the effect. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the exercise frequency and insist on exercising to see the exercise effect of the  resistance tube .

✅ Stretching before and after exercise

Before the  resistance tube  exercise, you should do a sufficient warm-up exercise to activate the joints and muscles, and you can perform dynamic stretching; and after the exercise, don't forget to organize the activities, you can do static stretching exercises, or massage to help Muscles relax.

When using a  resistance tube  to exercise, you should pay attention to checking the safety of the  resistance tube  frequently. Generally, the service life of the  resistance tube  is only one year at most. Regular inspection can help to find the hidden safety hazards of the tension rope in advance, thereby preventing the occurrence of accidental injuries.


3)The jump rope:

⏫ Increase in height
Skipping rope helps teens grow taller. Refers to teenagers, after that age skipping rope cannot increase height.

⏫Increase flexibility and coordination
Skipping rope can exercise people's jumping, speed, balance, endurance and explosive power, and at the same time can cultivate accuracy, flexibility, coordination, as well as tenacious will and perseverance.

 ⏫Relieve cervical and lumbar pain
Office workers have to sit in front of the computer every day and rarely exercise. After a whole day, many people feel back pain. Proper skipping rope can relieve cervical and lumbar pain.

⏫Slim legs
Skipping rope can exercise the muscles of the whole body, lose excess fat on the body, and pay attention to stretching after
skipping rope, which will help the legs look better and look thinner and slender.

⏫ Promote heart function

Studies have shown that when people jump rope, it can promote the heart function of our body, so that the blood in our body can get more oxygen, which can provide health and strength to the cardiovascular system.

⏫Improve children's memory
Because children keep counting in the process of skipping rope, their cerebral cortex is in an excited state, which helps them convert abstract memory into image memory; it can improve the brain's thinking sensitivity and judgment, and help children's physical strength, intelligence and strain. Coordinated development of capabilities.

⏫Prevent illness
Skipping rope can prevent many diseases such as arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, etc.

⏫Prevent Osteoporosis
Rope skipping can also prevent osteoporosis, because skipping rope can promote bone cell metabolism, prevent bone softening, and increase bone strength. However, if the exercise is too much, it may also damage bones and joints.

Increase bounce
In the process of
skipping rope, the feet are always beating continuously, which can effectively improve the jumping power.

In terms of exercise volume, skipping rope for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing fitness dance for 20 minutes. It can be described as aerobic exercise that consumes less time and energy.

Increase immunity
Skipping rope can increase the body's immunity, make the body less sensitive to the external environment, less prone to getting sick and cold, and the body will recover faster.


4)push up bar

Features of the push-up frame:

1: The foam handle has the function of non-slip and sweat absorption

2: When using, place the two handles at different distances or in one word, which can effectively exercise different body positions of the body

3: Doing push-ups with a push-up frame is better than no push-up frame. It can lower the body lower, so that the chest muscles are fully stretched, and the outer side of the chest muscles is more stimulated.

4: The push-up bracket adopts the method of grasping for exercise. The push-ups that I usually do are supported by the palm, so that the reaction force is concentrated on the elbow joint. When I use the grasp, the reaction force is concentrated on the wrist, so Can exercise wrist strength

The correct way to use the push-up frame:

 ⏩ Super long-distance push-up frame: mainly exercise the inner side of the pectoralis major and the biceps. When the elbow joint angle is greater than 135 degrees, the biceps are mainly exerting force.
⏩ Wide push-up: about 1.5 times shoulder width, mainly works the outside of the pectoralis major, while the inside of the deltoid and triceps

Middle distance push-up: slightly larger than shoulder width, mainly exercise the middle pectoralis major, while developing the inner deltoid and triceps

Narrow push-ups: less than shoulder width, mainly exercise the inner deltoid and triceps, while developing the inner pectoralis major

5)The hand grip :

The function of the gripper:

✊Strengthen hand strength.
Using the grip machine can exercise the muscles of the hand, strengthen the hand, make the muscles of the arm stronger, and make it easier to grasp objects

✊Enhance finger flexibility.

When using a
grip device, the fingers can enhance the flexibility of the ten fingers through different grasping and other actions.

 Relieve fatigue:
After a day of work, use a grip to exercise to relax your hand muscles and relieve hand fatigue.

✊Promote blood circulation:

Grip exercise can help promote blood circulation in the arm, maintain joint activity, and prevent the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis

✊ Play the effect of rehabilitation training:
People with injuries to hand muscles, soft tissues, using a grip can be used as a rehabilitation
training tool

✊ Prevent mouse hand:
Office workers repeatedly type on the keyboard and move the mouse every day. The wrist joints are numb, swollen, cramped, or painful due to long-term, intensive repetitive and excessive movement of the wrist joints, and the use of handgrip can help relieve these symptom

Precautions for the use of grips

1. Control the number of times: In order to achieve obvious exercise effect and not put too much burden on the muscles, we need to control the number of exercises within a reasonable range. Generally speaking, it is advisable to exercise 1,000 times for each hand every day, which can be divided into morning and evening.

2. Equipment maintenance: During use, if the grip is rusted, worn, or the screws are loosened, the grip must be replaced and repaired in time to avoid potential safety hazards.

3. Do what you can: Many people who have just exercised will have a misunderstanding that the longer the exercise time and the higher the frequency, the more obvious the effect will be. However, we need to remind everyone that exercise must be done gradually and according to one’s ability to avoid discomfort in the body.


2:Can I print my own logo on these products

Yes ,we can print customers logo on each item ,below are some mass production pictures for reference .

3:What is the process for buying products in bulk

▶ After receiving the customer's inquiry, we will confirm the product style, quantity, packaging, logo and other details with the customer, and then verify the accurate price for the customer

▶After confirming the product details, if the customer wants to buy a sample to test the quality first, we will send the sample to the customer (we can print the customer's logo on the sample, so that the customer can see the printing effect in advance)

▶After the customer confirms the sample, we confirm the order with the customer, and then start mass production.

If the customer does not need samples to check the quality in advance, buy the formal order directly. We will also make a prenatal sample before mass production, and then send it to the customer for confirmation by taking a video or photo. After obtaining the approval of the customer, we will start mass production. We hope that the products finally received by customers must be the products they are satisfied with

4What Happy Fitness can do for you:

❤️Happy Fitness has been producing fitness products for about 8 years, we can produce customized products for customers based on very little MOQ, such as customized logo, customized color, customized packaging, etc.

❤️Happy Fitness has the ability to produce custom molds. For 8 years, we have produced our own molds for dozens of customers. If a customer wants to make a new fitness product, we can produce it. And we will not send the customer's design to others, we accept to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the customer.

❤️Happy Fitness has a mature transportation company that has cooperated for many years, so if a novice customer does not have its own freight forwarder, Happy Fitness can be responsible for transporting the goods to the customer's address, and customs clearance and other matters do not require the customer to deal with

❤️Happy Fitness hopes to establish long-term cooperation with customers, so the products are produced with high quality, so we also accept the inspection service arranged by the customer, whether the customer finds a third-party inspection company, or comes to the company to inspect the goods by themselves , we are all acceptable. If the inspection finds a product of poor quality, we will immediately rework it to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer with perfect quality

❤️Happy Fitness will also provide high-quality, perfect
after-sales service. If customers find damaged products when they receive bulk orders, they can contact Happy Fitness immediately, and we will arrange for free returns or refunds.

5:Similar styles of this Ab wheel set


6:Amazon hot selling AB wheel set

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