• 2022-05-28

Cork set 1 : cork mat yoga massage ball/cork ball foot massage

This set include one 6cm diameter cork massage ball + one 8cm diameter cork
massage ball +one peanut cork
massage ball into a carrybag –three
customized non toxic massage ball into a customized carrybag –easy to carry .

cork mat yoga

Cork set 2 : cork massage roller set /cork yoga balls kit

This cork massage roller include one pc peanut cork ball +one pc 5cm
diameter cork lacrosse ball + one pc 10cm single cork ball + one pc
peanut cork ball +one pc small cork yoga cork roller all into a brown
box as a set .

cork mat yoga

Cork set 3 : cork yoga wheel set

The set include 1 cork yoga wheel +1 pc cork yoga block + 2pcs
single cork massage ball + 1 pc organic cork foam roller.

The advantage of this set is we can put the cork massage balls and
yoga brick vs block together into the cork
yoga wheel tube as
a set to save the shipping space and cost .

cork mat yoga

Cork set 4 : best cork foam roller kit

This set include one long cork roller + one mini cork roller
+ one peanut cork massage ball + 2 single massage balls.

This set long
cork roller is special ,since its mold is we
made so you can see most cork roller is smooth but this
style shape you can see it is a little special .

cork mat yoga

Cork set 5 : cork foam rollers wholesale kit

One set include one eco friendly foam roller +one customized  peanut cork
ball + customized one single cork ball into carrybag ,hot selling wood foam
roller in amazon these days .

cork mat yoga

Cork kit 6 : wood foam roller kit /sustainable foam roller kit

This set include one hollow cork massage roller + 2 massage balls ,the massage
cork ball can insert into the hollow
foam roller to package together .
cork mat yoga

Fitness cork products set 7 : best cork yoga mat set /cork yoga mat kit

The set include cork mat yoga 6mm +2 best cork yoga bricks+ 2 cork roller + 1
single cork ball + 1 peanut cork ball as a big fitness cork set ,as for package .
we will put the big cork yoga mat set into durable brown box

cork mat yoga

Cork set 8 : cork yoga mat & yoga blocks set

This cork set include 2 eco-design cork yoga brick +1 cork yoga mat +2 cork
massage roller balls +1 mini cork massage ball ,the three cork balls can be
customized then into carrybag .

cork mat yoga

Cork set 9 : cork yoga wheel &cork yoga mat kit

Full kit include one pc cork yoga wheel + one pc cork yoga mat + 2pcs cork yoga
blocks +one yoga towel as a set .

cork mat yoga
Cork set 10 :the best cork yoga kit

This cork kit include all necessary cork products : one cork yoga mat +one
cork yoga wheel + 3 different shapes and size blocks +one cork yoga roller
+ 2 cork massage balls ,which can meet most customers; requirement .

cork mat yoga

So compare with normal yoga mat ,what is the cork yoga mat benefits
& What is the advantage of a cork yoga mat&

Are cork mats better?

Firstly ,cork mat yoga is eco-friendly and also natural to use ,besides cork material
anti-slip function is better than other material yoga mats .

What’s more ,cork material yoga mat is
antimicrobial ,so cork yoga mat is most
people’s good choice.

How do you clean a cork mat?

The best method to clean a cork yoga mat is to use cold water on a soft towel. Gently
wipe down the mat and then put the cork yoga mat under sun to dry it ,as soon as dry ,roll up it

What size of cork yoga mat and cork yoga block is best?

Generally speaking ,cork yoga mat have 2 material ,one is cork + rubber material which is heavy ,another
is cork +tpe foam
yoga mat.

As per previous customers feedback ,they preferred size is 183cm*61cm*0.5cm/0.6cm cork yoga mat .
As for cork yoga block ,seems 3 inch *6 inch *9 inch is more popular 

Happy Fitness cork products certificate :

cork mat yoga

cork mat yoga

Happy Fitness cork set video for your ref. for more details checking.


If you have interest in cork yoga mat ,cork massage ball ,cork yoga roller as well as cork yoga block ,pls feel
free to
contact us for more details .

Mailbox :eva@tigerfitness.net.cn
What’s app : + 8618521798650
Contact number +86 18521798650


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