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  • 2022-06-09

1:Why you need a jump rope ?

✔️To lose weight, rope skipping is a systemic aerobic exercise, which consumes a lot of calories, burns fat, and can lose fat in all parts of the body. Ten minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to the energy consumed by jogging for half an hour, which can save weight loss time.

✔️Rope skipping requires the coordination and cooperation of hands and feet, which can exercise the coordination ability of the brain and contribute to the development of intelligence.

✔️The muscles of the whole body can be exercised to strengthen the muscles and bones, and enhance the immunity of the body.

✔️Teenagers often skip rope to help grow taller.

2:What are the obvious differences between different jump ropes?

1)Different rope materials

Usually there are cotton rope, pvc rope, bamboo (nylon) rope, steel wire rope.

   ⬇️Cotton rope :                       ⬇️PVC rope:                       ⬇️ Bamboo rope :                 ⬇️Steel wire rope:

2)Different handle materials

⬇️Plastic handles        ⬇️Foam handles        ⬇️Counting handles    ⬇️Rubber handles   ⬇️Aluminum handles

3)The rope weight is different
Usually there are light ropes and heavy ropes, and the weight of general jump ropes is about 80-120 grams. Smaller than 200 grams, even greater than 400 grams can be called heavy rope.

4)The bearing is different on the handle
Some jump ropes do not have bearings, and the ropes are easily entangled during use. Some jump ropes have bearings, and the ropes will be very smooth when used.

3:How to choose a jump rope that is right for you


1)Counting jump rope :

Features: The outstanding function of this jump rope is the counting function. At present, there is also a skipping rope that calculates calories. You can choose this skipping rope when you are taking a physical exam or want to know how many times you skip per minute and how many calories you consume.
Counting skipping rope is also divided into rope skipping and cordless skipping.


▶️Applicable people: For people who are convenient to count, this type of jump rope can be used


2)Simple Jump Rope with Plastic Handle + PVC Rope

Features: This type of skipping rope is commonly used in racing jump ropes or boxing skipping ropes. Because of its proper weight, the rope swings with better inertia. The price is also relatively moderate. Due to different subdivision materials, the price is also different.

▶️Applicable people: It can be said that this type of jump rope is suitable for most people. For primary and secondary school students who want to better improve their skipping ability, they can choose a weight of 80-100 grams. Adults who have a certain ability to skip rope and want to jump faster and better can choose this type of skipping rope.


3)Steel wire rope jump rope :

Features: The steel wire rope is characterized by steel wire inside and plastic wrapping outside. The rope is relatively thin, but the weight is heavier than the PVC rope. The bearings used are better, so it is very smooth when used.

▶️Applicable people: If you want to improve the speed of skipping rope, or practice boxing skipping rope, you can use this type of skipping rope.

4) Bamboo rope

Features:As shown in the picture above, bamboo jump ropes are mostly spliced together, and the colors are bright. They are often used in fancy skipping competitions. Due to their characteristics, they cannot be used for high-speed skipping ropes and are easily broken or broken.

▶️Applicable people: People who want to learn fancy rope skipping.

5) Heavy rope:

Features: Heavy rope is a kind of skipping rope that is popular recently. Both the rope and the handle are heavy, and are commonly used in jumping ropes practiced by athletes such as boxing, Sanda, and Muay Thai. This kind of skipping rope is actually very difficult to jump quickly and play some fancy movements (the reason is that it is very heavy, the main thing is that if the movement is wrong, it will hurt a lot). But it's great for building muscle endurance.

▶️Applicable people: Boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai learners. There is another kind of people who are strong and want to lose weight, because this type of jumping rope for 100 jumps requires more strength and energy consumption than ordinary jumping rope for 100 jumps. If you can't jump longer, why not allow yourself to achieve more energy consumption with each jump rope.


4:If you buy skipping rope at HAPPY FITNESS, what service will we provide for you?

✔️Customized logo: we can print your own logo or design pattern on the skipping rope

✔️Customized packaging: We can produce customized packaging, including carry bag or your own designed box

✔️Free regular samples: We can provide customers with free samples to test the quality

✔️Door-to-door shipping service: Door-to-door shipping service and include customer's tax

✔️Inspection service: we accept third-party inspection arranged by customers

✔️Perfect after-sales service: if the customer finds damaged products after receiving the order, we will provide free replacement or refund services

4:Hot selling styles jump rope on Amazon



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