author: Eva Xie
  • 2022-05-29

What is the benefits of resistance bands ?

According to  new study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine.

The study's updated after we use resistance bands we can   improve muscular function, motor performance,
and joint range of motion, as well as to reduce feeling of fatigue and delayed onset of muscle soreness .


And the resistance bands are not so expensive ,we only need to pay around $5 to $20 dolloars to find
buy them .

Then we can get it and it is also not big so easy to carry out and we can also do exercise at home .

Does Resistance bands workout really can work ?

Research has proven that resistance band exercises grow your muscles and tone them at the same time, Free
weight training and machine weight training have some advantages in muscle hypertrophy (growth of muscle volume)
and muscle activation, but resistance bands are not far from it!

How often should we use resistance bands to do exercise ?

Study shows "When beginning strength training, you should be focused on doing full-body workouts consisting of the main
compound lifts. This requires at least one day off in-between workouts, meaning you should only be lifting 2-3 times
per week
," says Rizzo. 

How many normal styles of resistance bands we can choose to do exercise ?

1: Mini loop resistance bands :

Normal size will be 50cm or 60cm diameter and the width will be standard 5cm ,thickness is how they make different
resistance levels ,normal thickness is 0.35mm ,0.5mm,0.65mm ,0.9mm ,1.1mm this thickness level can fit for most people .

If for professional people ,1.1mm,1.3mm 1.5mm or 2mm can also be considered ,material have latex material and TPE material ,
latex material resistance will be better based on same size compare with
TPE bands ,as for logo ,screen printing logo used more ,
package ,most people use OPP or carrybag or color box based on requirement

elastic bands

2 Power bands :

Power bands “ current market have one color power bands or double color power bands ,perimeter 2080mm ,thickness is 4.5mm,
width is the main factor to make the resistance levels different .

Width normal have 6.4mm ,13mm ,22mm,32mm 45mm ,64mm 83mm
and even 101mm ,for normal people 13mm and 22mm as well as 32mm as well as 45mm is ok ,for professional users ,can consider
64mm and 83mm even 101mm ,material is latex .

elastic bands

3 :Fabric bands :

Fabric bands normal size is 66cm 76cm and 86cm perimeter ,and most user use them as a set ,meshbag or carrybag
package .

Their width is both around 8cm and their ,generally speaking ,their resistance level will be used the inner latex
threads to make resistance levels different ,so maybe one or two or three or four or five latex threads ,pls see below pictures :

elastic bandselastic bands

Material is fabric and another longer style size will be 2000mm*3.8cm or 3.2cm ,the benefits of the fabric bands compare with
mini bands or power bands is it anti-slip function will be better .

Because it is fabric so when do exercise ,and we sweat ,sometimes latex material resistance bands will be slippy but we know
fabric material will be better to solve the sweat problem and disadvantage is it will be a little expensive than
latex bands.

Because it is large and raw material cost will be a little expensive ,it comes out later than latex bands ,we can call it improved
resistance bands to replace the mini and power bands.

elastic bands

4 Resistance bands set :


The resistance tube set include 12 pcs items totally so some customer call it 12 pcs resistance band set , 5pcs of different
resistance level tubes + 2 ankle straps + 2 handles + 1 manual +1 door ankle +1 carrybag so total 12pc.

Tube material have latex and TPE but latex is popular because
resistance function will be better based on same specification
tubes  and length  of tube is usually 1.2m .

Door ankle have small version and also big version

elastic bands

5 :Resistance band and tubes set

If you want to find a resistance band to do all available exercise ,the resistance band set also a good choice because it include the
mini bands and also resitance tube as well as
jump rope ,the yoga towel to package together so can ship together to reduce the shipping
cost compare with buy the 4 products separately .

elastic bands

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