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  • 2022-06-01

What is the hula hoop?

Hula hoop, also known as fitness hoop, was popular in Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other countries in the 1950s. It can obtain better exercise and development of waist and abdominal muscles, buttock muscles, and leg muscles, and can effectively improve the waist, hip, and knee joints of the human body.

What are the common materials of hula hoop

✔️ Plastic hula hoop wrapped with sponge.
On the basis of plastic products, a layer of sponge jacket is added to reduce the impact of the hula hoop on the waist impact, and it is cheaper.
✔️ Hard metal hula hoop.
With magnetism and massage function, it is formed by bending an empty metal tube, and the inside of the metal tube has an arc-shaped convex and concave shape, which can also massage the waist when it is rotated. It's hard to shake, but it may easily hurt the stomach.
✔️ Spring hula hoop.
Made using the motion principle of springs, this hula hoop can act as a spring tensioner to exercise arms, back, waist and legs. The spring hula hoop does not have the fixation of the old hula hoop, it is easy to fold and bend, and it is more convenient to store and carry. This kind of hula hoop is more common in some bodybuilders.

workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop

How to do workout with hula hoop ?

✔️Let the hula hoop rotate around your waist, either left or right.
✔️ Turn slowly at the beginning to find a rhythm.
✔️ Next, place your hands on your head (this action keeps your body stable).
✔️Stop after turning for 3 minutes, then turn in the opposite direction for 3 minutes.
✔️ Exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes with a heartbeat of 130.


What’s the benefit of  workout with hula hoop ?

✔️Abdominal muscles training.

Hula Hoops are an effective way to burn calories, lose weight and improve posture. Hula hooping will not only strengthen your , it also helps to regulate physiological balance. The workout with hula hoop fits your waist while exercising and provides effective massage pressure, it minimizes any discomfort for beginners.

workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop
✔️Easy to carry.

The hula hoop is easy to carry and assemble you can burn calories anywhere You can do workout with hula hoop on the beach, at home, the gym, or the park.

workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop


Our adult hula hoops are easily attached together by simply aligning and pressing the assembly button of each part; to disassemble, press the button and pull the two pieces apart; they can also be sized according to your fitness needs to be adjusted.

workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop

What are the hula hoop fitness skills

✔️ People with lumbar muscle strain, spinal injuries, osteoporosis patients and the elderly are not suitable for this workout with hula hoop.
✔️ Choose a hula hoop with a moderate weight according to your situation.
✔️ Do some stretching exercises before workout with hula hoop, and a simple whole body relaxation, gently pat the waist and abdomen with both hands to allow unimpeded blood circulation.

✔️ The smart hula hoop needs to be assembled correctly before use, so as to avoid accidental injury during use.
✔️ The smart hula hoop can be adjusted to a comfortable size and position during use, making it more comfortable and smooth to rotate.
✔️ Try to maintain a constant speed when using it, so as to avoid the situation that the speed is too slow and the hula ball cannot turn or the body cannot keep up with the rhythm.
✔️ The rotation time can be determined according to your own physical condition. Do not blindly rotate, but do what you can, so as not to damage your health.

Amazon Hot Selling Hula Hoops

workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop
workout with hula hoopworkout with hula hoop

Step 1 :Confirm products requirement :

Pls update us your prefered style and color as well as package

Step 2 :Sample

Pls confirm whether you need sample for testing or video sample testing

Step 3:Bulk order mock up

Our sales will do a hula hoop mock up for your side to who you what your logo will look like on our products.

Step 4 : Pre-sample

After customer confirmed mock up ,we will start the pre-sample we will arrange one pc pre-sample  and print your logo on the hula hoop and send picture or video for customer to confirm whether pre-sample is ok .

Step 5 : If pre-sample not approved ,we will re-work ,if approved ,we will start the bulk order production

Step 6 : Shipping :

After all bulk order finished ,we will send customer products bulk order pictures pls customer make balance payment after see bulk order pictures and also confirm shipping address we will arrange door to door ship ,and if customer pick up the order from our factory also ok .

Step 7 : Received the bulk order and wait for customer feedback

If customer received the order successfully and all is ok ,then the order is finished ,if customer meet shipping lost or bulk order quality problem ,we will contact customer to solve it for re-producing or refund etc things

What Can China Tiger Fitness help you ?

✔️ Free regular products sample for evaluation for you and shipping cost customer pay

✔️ Small test order 100pcs as a start to help customer test market with your logo

✔️ Door to door ship is avaliable so customer no need arrange pick up from China

✔️ If during selling meet quality problem ,China Tiger Fitness will provide free replacement


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