author: Eva Xie
  • 2022-05-25

4 different styles of long resistance bands

Pull up bands :

long resistance bands

The pull up long resistance bands material is latex or tpe , perimeter is 2080mm and thickness
is 4.5mm,as forthe width of the power up bands ,it starts from 6.4mm to 103mm,below is picture.

long resistance bands

Power bands long resistance bands have different resistance levels and the resistance
level is adjusted as per its width since different resistance level long pull up bands its thickness
and length is the same .

Pull up bands have single color as well as double colors style ,the two style of pull up bands
resistance ,size and material exactly the same ,only difference is the double color power bands
have two colors and single color
pull up bands just one color ,pls see below compare pictures .

long resistance bandslong resistance bands
The tpe and latex material power bands size is exactly the same ,but latex material have a better
resistance tension compare with tpe material
long resistance bands 

Thera Bands

long resistance bandslong resistance bands

Compare with pull up resistance bands ,Thera Bands are thinner ,thera bands normal thickness is
0.2mm/0.35mm/0.45mm/0.55mm/0.65mm,width is around 10cm/12cm/15cm and length is regular
1.5m/1.8m/2m or even longer if customer want to order the rolled thera bands .

The material of thera bands also have latex and tpe style ,same as pull up resistance bands,latex
material resistance bands strength is better compare with non-latex resistance bands .

The thera bands resistance bands most people want to order as a 3 pack or 4 pack even 5 pack
which means 3 to 5 different thickness /resistance level
long resistance bands will be packaged
as a set into carrybag or color box .

long resistance bandslong resistance bands

Fabric long resistance bands

Long Fabric resistance bands is made of fabric material ,compare with latex and tpe bands ,its anti-slip
function will be better, long booty resistance bands size is 1.18 inches wide and 41 inches in length.

(2080mm perimeter *3cm wide ),generally speaking ,customer will also sell it as a 3 pack or 4 pack
even 5 pack as a
fabric resistance bands set .

Besides ach set will have 5 to 15 different resistance levels ,x-light resistance below 5lbs,light resistance
resistance bands 15lbs to 25lbs ,medium resistance level 25lbs-35lbs,heavy resistance level 35lbs-45lbs,
x-heavy resistance level 45lbs-55lbs ,if some people need heavier resistance, can use 2 to 3 bands
together to add strength.

long resistance bandslong resistance bandslong resistance bands

Resistance tube

long resistance bandslong resistance bandslong resistance bands

This long resistance bands is a elastic tube ,the tube length is 1.2m ,the long resistance tube when we use
it for resistance tube exercises ,we will add some accessories such as handles ,door anchor and also ankle
resistance tube set include :

5 x different resistance level tubes
2x handles
2x ankle straps
1x door anchor
1x manual if need
Total will be 12pcs we can call it 12pcs
long resistance band set .
As for material the resistance band set tube is made of latex or tpe material and latex material resistance will
be better compare with non-latex tubes.

When we do
resistance tube chest exercises we can use 1 or 2 tubes together to add the strength
(from 10lbs to 150lbs)

Above is 4 best styles long resistance bands ,so what is the advantage of the long elastic bands ?

Burn fat and build muscle:
the long resistance bands training and workout are very helpful for fat reducing and our muscle building ,since
it has different resistance levels for fit for all people no matter you are beginner or professional user

Easy to carry :
Since the long resistance band set is lightweight ,so no matter at home or in office you can use it after you have
time ,so very east to carry and convenient to do resistance bands exercises.

Fit for Full-Body Workout
The long resistance bands include different resistance bands levels and they are fit for weight training, cross-training,
or physical preparation sessions, , pole fitness, powerlifting, chin-ups, pull-ups, muscle building, yoga,
physical therapy,
pilates, stretching etc so it is a full body elastic bands exercises.

Where can we buy it ?

Below are some hot selling long resistance bands stores :
long resistance bandslong resistance bandslong resistance bandslong resistance bands

What can Happy Fitness do for you for the long elastic fitness bands ?

Customized the long resistance bands for 50 sets :

Happy Fitness is a Chinese factory who already specialized in producing elastic bands for exercise for around 9 years ,we
can produce the long elastic bands and can also add your brand on it if you need .

Quick production : for unbranded long resistance bands ,we can ship you within 3 working days ,if customized long
resistance bands, we can finish production within 2 weeks.

Door to door ship :
We can ship the long resistance bands to your warehouse &office door to door to save your time and energy .

Defective items free replacement:

If found any defective items of the long resistance bands after you received it ,we will provide free replacement .

High quality long resistance bands guarantee :

Pls see below our resistance bands certificate ,they are safe to use .

How to customized my resistance bands ?

Step 1 : pls update us which style of resistance bands you need ?
Step 2 : pls send us your logo artwork
Step 3 : we will make mock up for you so you can see what will your customized resistance bands look like and
pls pay for deposit or ask for sample for evaluation.

Step 4 : after confirmed mock up or sample satisefied ,we will start make logo mold ,if not satisfied ,we will re-do
the mock up.

Step 5 : logo mold opened and produce one real pre-sample for you to look at it and confirm .
Step 6 : after confirmed ,start mass production of the full order .
Step 7 : send customer long resistance bands mass products pictures and customers can see what is the bulk
order looks like .

Step 8 :pay for balance and we move forward to ship
Step 9 :update tracking number for tracking
Step 10 : update and confirm customers after order is signed

Anything unclear,pls contact us
Telephone: +86 18521798650
What’s app: +86 18521798650


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