fitness exercise jump rope
fitness exercise jump rope

wholsale fitness smart jump rope

Model NO.:JR##009
US $1.67-US $12.18
  • Delivery:EXW,FOB,CNF,DDU,DDP
  • Minimum order quantity:100 pieces
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces / Day
  • Country of Origin:Shanghai
  • Stock Time:25 Days
  • Categories: Jump rope

    Happy Fitness Smart jump ropes:
    fitness exercise jump rope
    Description of Bead jump rope:
    Size:Regular size
    Color:Colorful color avaliable

    Package:Poly bag,carry bag,brown box,customized color box

    Logo:Customized logo avaliable
    Skipping jump rope fitness exercise jump rope certificate :

    fitness exercise jump rope

    fitness exercise jump rope

    Happy Fitness different styles of super jump rope
    jump ropes

    fitness exercise jump rope

    Do you know after you insist on skipping training, after a period
    of time, what changes will your body have?

    1. Bouncing ability, balance and explosive power have been improved.
    Skipping rope can improve the flexibility and coordination of your body,
    making your sports performance stronger and stronger.


    2. After skipping jump rope, your appetite has decreased. Rope skipping is a

    high-intensity training, which effectively promotes blood circulation.
    After each rope skipping, you will find that your desire to eat has
    decreased, which can effectively control your appetite and reduce the
    amount of food you eat.

    3. The body fat rate drops and the body becomes firmer. Unlike running,
    skipping can effectively prevent muscle loss and help you shape a firmer
    figure. After you perform skipping training, your body fat rate will
    decrease, but your muscles will become tighter and more elastic. For
    example, your belly will return to a firm state, and there will be a little
    muscle line, and your whole body muscles will look more even and beautiful.

    4. Skipping rope exercises your own cardiopulmonary function. Your lung
    function has improved, your heartbeat speed has dropped, blood vessel
    elasticity has improved, and people feel more and more relaxed. You have
    maintained a young state and regained your vigorous energy. .

    5. The body's metabolism level has increased. After skipping rope for 20
    minutes each time, your body will be in a state of high metabolism for a
    long time. You will consume more calories than others, not easy to gain
    weight, and have an easy-to-lean physique that everyone envy.

    • Place of Origin:China
    • Brand Name:OEM
    • Model Number:JR3
    The bod rope cordless fitness exercise jump rope can
    fit beachbody mbf program, ropeless skipping rope is suitable for all ages
    and all level jumpers, perfect outdoor and indoor cardio. The skipping rope
    workout is amazing especially in limited spaces like living room, bedroom,
    office, hotel rooms etc.Small/compact and would be easy to take along when
    traveling. You can do it anywhere

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