massage stick
massage stick
massage stick
massage stick
massage stick

back buddy massage stick

Model NO.:Massage stick###003
US $0.70-US $5.70
  • Delivery:EXW,FCA,CNF,DDU,DDP
  • Minimum order quantity:50 pieces
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces / Day
  • Country of Origin:Jiangsu
  • Stock Time:20 Days
  • Categories: Massage stick
    How to use the massage stick relax your body 

    Happy Fitness’s Different Styles massage stick
    massage stick
    massage stick

    What are massage stick Effects?

    STRENGTH YOUR BODY:massage stick helps to improve strength, flexibility and endurance by rapidly preparing muscles for physical activity.Post activity use enhances and accelerates muscle recovery by dispersing the effects of lactic acid
    RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICAL & MASSAGE THERAPISTS:massage stick is designed for physical therapy, gets rid of knots for myofascial release &trigger point therapy, increase blood circulation, aid rehabilitation, reduces soreness, stiffness & pain
    GOOD FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY: massage stick is great for neck, shoulders, arms, legs,upper back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, quads, calves, shins,feet, shin splints, cellulite and more.massage stick is also a best birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday gift for your love ones.
    REDUCE THE BURDEN ON YOUR BODY:massage stick can ease and condition muscle soreness and aid recovery:reduce stiffness and sore muscles before and after workouts, exercise, running and training. Pain problems? With regular use of the massage stick can improve your strength, help circulation and help reduce risk of injury, for
    myofascial release; helps relieve minor muscle knots, aches & soreness, and decrease recovery time.

    What are Happy Fitness’ Advantages?

    PERFECT FOR YOUR NEEDS: Chemical and surgery free.

    GREAT DESIGN:Made from high quality industrial strength materials and
    built to last a lifetime, with thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles
    for an ergonomic grip

    EASY TO CARRY:Ultra-portableandlightweight,super convenient for
    storage and travel. This is the ideal travel stick to take to the gym, before
    and after training, workouts and sports fields, fits into most kit bags easily,
    robust and water resistant.

    Why Choose Happy Fitness?

    Rich experience
    Happy Fitness is a 9 year old Chinese factory who specialized in yoga
    products /home fitness products as well as massage balls etc fitness products
    production for many years ,we have a good production team as well as a
    professional sales term who will reply all customers? email with 24 hours .

    Good products quality
    Almost all Happy Fitness produced products we will do testing and will have
    products certificate to guarantee the products are safe to use .

    Excellent after Sale service
    All products produced by Happy Fitness ,if meet any quality problem during
    customer selling procedure ,Happy Fitness will provide free replacementand
    will not let customer meet any loss .

    • Place of Origin:China
    • Brand Name:OEM
    • Model Number:MS

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