• 2022-05-29

This yoga mat non slip set include one pc NBR yoga mat + one pc yoga block +one pc yoga wheel
+one pc
yoga towel +one pc yoga strap +one pc mini yoga ball +one pc resistance equipment
+one pc high density hollow foam roller  as a set .

NBR yoga mat : size 183*61*1.2cm ,color can be purple ,pink ,blue ,black green etc colors,we 
have many different sizes of yoga mat non slip   .

For nbr yoga mats ,the advantage is it is thick and soft so when we use it will be very comfortable ,
regular size is 173cm*61cm*1cm or 1.2cm as well as 

1.5cm thick yoga mat.


Foam roller : eva foam + ABS tube ,33cm long *14cm diameter ,color can be purple ,black,blue ,
green ,pink or any customized colors .

This style of
hollow foam roller ,we already cooperated with 
many europe and US customers and feedback are good ,and most customers prefer foam roller kit
like below :

So maybe we can add some mini loop bands or
massage stick to package together and sell as a set .
Some other custoemrs also add the jump rope or massage balls also and package as a set.

yoga mat

Yoga wheel : diameter 33cm TPE foam +ABS /PP tube 

This set is tpe yoga wheel
 ,we also have other different styles of yoga wheel such as cork yoga wheel
eva foam yoga wheel etc ,pls refer to below details as a ref. and these days many other customer also
like do yoga wheel set ,pls click here to view our current customer
tpe yoga wheel bulk order pictures


yoga mat yoga wheel

Customized Yoga towel : 183*61cm ,polyester/microfiber material 

Yoga towel we have anti-slip style yoga towel which has small silicon or pvc dots on the yoga towel 
and also have the
micrifiber yoga towel 


Mini yoga ball : 20cm or 25cm diameter ,weight 140g and can add customized logo on mini yoga balls.

Mini yoga balls is very light so easy to carry here and there ,eco-friendly pvc material make it safe to 
use ,pls click here to view
how does our yoga balls be produced ?

And  we also have 55cm yoga ball ,65cm yoga ball as well as 75cm yoga ball and bosu ball which are hot
selling in past years until now .

yoga ball yoga mat


Yoga strap : 183*3.8cm ,cotton material color can be purple ,black,green,pink ,we have more than 50
different colors avaliable.

Pls see below our different colors of yoga straps as a ref. we have more than 50 different colors to choose
and can also do
private label yoga mat non slip strap for 200 pcs to 500pcs 

yoga mat yoga strap

Yoga block :eva yoga block ,size we have 3 inch *6 inch *9 inch and also 4 inch *6 inch *9 inch .

As for material yoga block we have foam yoga block as well as cork yoga block .

yoga mat yoga block


Resistance equipment : we have different styles of resistance equipment such as resistance tube ,mini
bands loop ,power bands ,pull up bands and also fabric hip bands etc can be a item of the yoga mat non slip set .

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