• 2022-05-26

Best hand grip strengthener to use 


The 5 in 1 hand grip strengthener are popular these days and also have many benefits .

What is the hand grips benefits ?

Hand grip exercise benefits are a lot ,pls see below details :

Comfortable to use : The hand grip strengthener 5 in 1 set pack include Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener,
Finger Exerciser, Finger stretcher Resistance Band, Hand Strengthener Grip Ring and Stress Relief Grip Ball.

It can help strengthen and relax your hand, fingers, wrist, and the adjustable hand grip(from 22lbs to 132lbs)
we can adjust its strength based on our requirement.

Fit for everywhere : the hand grip strengthener set are very light and easy to carry out so no matter where we are ,we
can use it and do hand grip exercise everywhere .

Injury recovery : the 5 in 1 hand grip strengthener exercise set can help us to reduce our hand pain and also relax our hands
stress which is perfect for improving strength,wrist stability or overall forearm power.

Perfect for Tennis Players,guitar players,Athlete and Musicians to enhance the flexibility of fingers and wrists.


Below is some link of where can buy the 5 pack hand grip set .

hand grip strengthenerhand grip strengthenerhand grip strengthener

 How to use the hand grippers ?

Pls follow below step :

Pls squeeze and hold until two handles of the hand grip strengthener close with each other for around 10 seconds 15seconds.
Squeeze tight and slowly release over around 15 seconds.
Changed to another hand gripper exercise tool one by one ,every around 15 to 20 seconds.
Every hand gripper exerciser finished ,then have a 20 to 30 seconds rest .
Using different combinations of fingers to do exercise
Repeat 3 to 5 times every day and weeks later ,will see some result

Our manual has many hand grip exercise ,if you have interest ,pls contact me and I will send you electric version .
hand grip strengthener
hand grip strengthener

Besides below video can also take as a ref. of how to use the hand grippers .


Happy Fitness is a Chinese hand grips factory and we are specialized in fitness products include yoga mats ,yoga
wheel ,foam roller ,hand grip ,massage products etc for 9 years.

What can Happy Fitness do for you ?

Stock hand grip 5 pack set ready to ship you :

Happy Fitness have below four colors hand grip strengthener in our warehouse with stock English manual and
we can ship you within 3 working days

Customized the hand grip set for you :

If you need add your brand on the hand grips ,it is ok ,pls just send us your logo artwork and give us 7
to 10 working days we will
customized the hand grip and ship you within 2 weeks .

Test order available :

If just need 100 pcs and need 4 colors mix together to test market also ok for us .

hand grip strengthenerhand grip strengthener
hand grip strengthenerhand grip strengthener

Door to door ship :

If need we arrange shipping is ok ,if customer want pick up from us in china ,also ok .

Does Happy Fitness hand grip strengthener safe to use ?

Pls see below our test report

hand grip strengthener
hand grip strengthener
hand grip strengthener

And welcome to contact us to talk more details together ,if you have anything unclear ,pls kindly contact me

Mailbox :eva@tigerfitness.net.cn
What’s app +86 18521798650
Contact number : +86 18521798650


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