• 2022-05-29

Hula hoops are very popular in 2022 ,since nearly all chinese stock hula hoop bulk are sold out .

hula hoop bulk

We have many different regular color plastic tube hula hoops ,suc as red hula hoop,pink hula hoop
yellow wavy hula hoop ,green wavy hula hoop as well as blue color hula hoop ,we can also mix the 
color as per customers' hula hoop color requirement.

plastic tube hula hoop can also do smooth surface hula hoops ,and smooth foam hula hoop
we also have many regular colors for customers to choose and can also do
customized hula hoop color
as per customers' requirement .

And frankly speaking ,as per previous old customers
 hula hoop bulk order customers feedback ,the most
difficult when
buy hula hoop bulk is shipping cost too high .

And to solve the problems ,we suggest customer add some other fitness accessories to package and sell
together with hula hoops such as mini loop bands or jump rope to make it as
hula hoop set .

Below is some customers'
hula hoop set for your ref.

We can see the hula hoop add a jump rope and also a mini loop band to package together with hula hoop

When add this accessories ,the hula hoop color box dimension will no change ,still the same ,but add mini 
loop bands and jump rope 's hula hoop set can add retailling value so customer can get profits .

We have many differents styles of
hula hoops set so pls contact us so we can show you more details .

hula hoop bulk


So how many kinds of hula hoops have in current chinese market ?

Generally speaking ,it has below styles :

Style one  hula hoop :

Kids hula hoops -this style of hula hoops most are plastic hula hoops made of PP or PVC material
and size is around 45cm to 85cm which fit for kids from 3 years old to around 12 years old .

Plastic kids hula hoops are cheaper since they are smaller so not use enough raw material and also 
the plastic raw material cost is not so high ,we can use meshbag package or hula hoop color box 
package  ,and we can do
private label hula hoop  and also private label kids hula hoop package.


Style two hula hoops : 

Adults hula hoops - this style of hula hoops we have two material ,one is also plastic material which 
is same material as kids hula hoop but bigger .

Adults hula hoops are around 98cm to 100cm diameter ,as for the material of the hula hoops tube
Current market has plastic tube ,PP tube hula hoops as well as the
stainless steel tube -two different
materials .


Below is the steel tube hula hoops :

It is 8 sections detachatable hula hoops ,diameter is around 100cm ,foam surface+steel tube.
Weight can be 1kg hula hoops ,1.2kg hula hoop as well as 1.5kg hula hoops ,if you want your logo 
printed hula hoops ,we can also do
private label hula hoops.

hula hoop bulk

And the steel tube hula hoops ,also have many different styles on the foam,such as smooth surface 
steel tube hula hoops ,wavy style steel hula hoops etc .

Besides adults hula hoops also have the
plastic tube hula hoops ,pls see below hula hoop picture as a 

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